The blog focuses on documenting authentic thoughts, feelings, and experiences. That's not to say  that all of these experiences are peaceful and tranquil. They won't be. Mostly not, in fact. I'll be balancing it out with style posts, lots of love

There's a great quote from an OK movie that goes "YES YES YES....I MIGHT DIE TOMORROW, GIVE IT ALL TO ME NOW!" And, what can I say? It stuck with me. Sometimes it's awesome. Sometimes it gets me into trouble. I like to write about it. 

Plus, this is not being written from a sanctuary in the Tibetan highlands. It's straight from LA.

Pretty much everything you hear about Los Angeles is true. More than most other major cities, it's a blank canvas. As cities go, it's still young. Unlike most American cities off to the east, LA hasn't had time to get bogged down by traditionally conservative industries. Whatever you project on it, Los Angeles reflects back. 

And because of the industries that *have* settled here, it's full of (basically) transients-with-money. It's a Pacific haven for hustlers, a permanent vacation, or a pageant of a deviance, superficiality, and emptiness.