Let's develop and socialize your ideas. 

N O T * O T H E R W I S E  is a blog produced by Jessica BrookmanIntentional Media. Intentional is my micro-agency & consultancy in Los Angeles, CA.  I work with clients on a range of initiatives to grow and develop both their personal and business interests.

While N*O is primarily an off-kilter lifestyle blog, it is being written by a formerly-too-serious female entrepreneur who quit her job, gave away all of her belongings, and drove across the country to live and work in Los Angeles, CA. And, while it's potentially true - according to Vice magazine at least - that nobody has a "job" in Los Angeles, I work exceptionally. I am bold, relentless, and uncommonly skilled.

I believe that small business will save the world. I am committed to developing INDEPENDENT and ALTERNATIVE businesses and personal brands. 

I work primarily on a "stealth" basis and primarily by referral. Please contact me with a brief outline of the project and we'll get back to you with a quote. 

If you'd to learn more, talk shop or talk sh*t, please do email JESSICA [at] NOTOTHERWISE [dot] COM. 

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