Clash the Truth - An April Mixtape

by Jessica Brookman in

Think about Boston. Think about identity. Hear a song on NPR for the first time that reminds you of both New York and Los Angeles. Write. Get hooked up with tickets to show the following night in Austin. Think "life is weird. Life everywhere is more or less the same." Get a little sad about that. Then a little happy. 

All because of a stupid purple pickup truck in Austin, TX...
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California Analog Dream: Mixtape for March

by Jessica Brookman in ,

This is my second spring in Southern California. The circumstances of my life are quite drastically different, but the feeling of the days is pretty much the same: Mornings are bright again, the air is still crisp around 70 degrees, and (even though I'm not involved) there is a frantic buzz around the city as we're in the midst of pilot season. Business.

When I'm planning something, I need peace and quiet. But when I'm writing, there is music playing, always. Here's a mix for whatever you're working on this month.