Let's do something new. 


N O T * O T H E R W I S E  is written and curated by Jessica Brookman. I am a formerly-too-serious med school dropout-turned-consultant who quit her job, gave away all of her belongings, and drove across the country to live and work in Los Angeles, CA. 

After testing the theory that the gateway to the underworld is, indeed, in Los Angeles, I am largely back on the East Coast. 

Incidentally, "Not Otherwise" derives from the DSM classification for constellations of behavior and symptoms that resemble a disorder but do not meet formal diagnostic criteria.  

I am interested of understanding within and outside of established institutionalized frameworks and hierarchies.

I currently devote most of my time to private research and advisory. My background is diverse with experiences at the intersection between cognitive science, intuitive/emotional perception, and complex systems. I have a special interest in interpersonal power dynamics, threat analysis, covert manipulation and communications technology. With a long enough leash, I can explain anything in terms of LeChatelier's principle and/or electromagnetism. 

Access to information is the precursor to knowledge. I have collected experience ranging across the medical, finance, media and technology sectors to inform my perspectives. My most recent engagements reside at the fringes of the demimonde and emerging financial technology. 

I am a natural performer and teacher, Left Handed and My mind works counter clockwise. I write a bit of it out here

I prefer to work alone or alongside institutions rather than within them. I engage in personal advisory and strategic consulting for interesting challenges. I will have a conversation about anything from bondage to foreign investment strategy if you think there's a way to make the world a more interesting place by combining our efforts. 

I am bold, relentless, and uncommonly skilled.*

You may contact me here