Cash rules everything around me.

It allows me the freedom to work on what I like, take care of my health, and pay my attorneys. Or it at least keeps the lights on here while we keep ourselves more suitably entertained.  

Now. For a long time (my whole life, really), I've been my only patron, supporting myself and my work independently since I started doing it. This is all well and good except that it neither makes accounting nor cocktail parties easy to navigate. I've essentially skirted any creative control whatsoever by refusing to rely on ... pretty much any traditional funding source or structure for artists and creatives...and I'm still here (you motherfuckers) and able to say whatever I like in exchange for my pain and suffering.

As Hunter S. Thompson said, "if you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up." I have reason to believe that's true.  I've also had the unfortunate happenstance of being a particularly attractive woman (Yeah, I said it.) which only seems to increase my likelihood of being called "crazy" for writing anything more provocative than a weather report. I've survived more than a reasonable amount of aggressive character assassination campaigns. 

So, in the spirit of fanning the flames, I am welcoming investment from my love/hate club in order to support my work.

There are several ways to accomplish this, should it please you to do so: 

  • Ad hoc contributions:

  • Recurring contribution invoiced via Square.

  • Pre-order my forthcoming book: HYSTERIA & OTHER DEADLY SINS.

  • Sponsor an essay in the book or a post on this site.

  • Commissions & Collaborations: Possibly.

  • Formal investment through the LLC I use to house my production and IP.

    • Peace Offering: If you fucked up and you want to make it right, run me my money. 10k seems like a good start. But it obviously depends on how much of a fuck-up you've been, feel me?

    • Blood Sacrifice: Excommunicated? No problem. I don't give second chances, but I just might sell them. Think six figures.

  • Bearer bonds and cash are great....but in lieu, BTC / ETH will work fine.


Am I joking? Who's to say? Cash is fungible so you can make it in any amount. There'll only ever be one of me, though. Seems fair. I could get into a research-based argument using any number of studies and articles showing you how FUCKED UP the funding environment is for women, but rather than doing that, I'll just give you an opportunity to play to my advantage.

NB: I will not be discussing why or why not I "deserve" to be paid for what I do because I don't have fucking time to placate that line of questioning which only seems to arise from those who've already made up their tortured minds about it. In summary: Go fuck yourselves