Pivots - Mixtape for September

by Jessica Brookman in

Starting new things is the theme of September. 

I spent the summer spinning my wheels. But all of the back to school bullshit of September has more than just a marketing function; it's a favored month for (re-)organization. 

I am planning a coming-out party of sorts for  but everything takes so much longer than I ever expect it to (blame the fucking time/space continuum, right?). 

Would you help me by taking a three-question survey?

Thank you! It will help shape the future of this site and the content you get here...as well as my life. I will appreciate greatly it and high-five/hug/dance with you in person if the occasion arises. 

Finally, I made you a mixtape of new music for doing your new things this month. 



Sunday Short - Heisenberg

by Jessica Brookman in

We never know all the variables simultaneously. But the answers we get depend on the types of calculations we are continuously making. Note momentum.

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