Stay focused. End #CISPA.

by Jessica Brookman in

There is a reason that the late Aaron Swartz referred to CISPA as the Patriot Act of the internet.

Make no mistake: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is evil. 

It will give the government the ability to perform warantless searches of your data. 

 Think. About. That. Now think about the Fourth Amendment. OK, now back to CISPA. 

This bill was written with the distinct purpose of invading your privacy. Supporters have outspent opponents 140:1 with members of Congress (in)directly benefiting from the bill

Alexis O'hanion (co-founder of Reddit) called Google's Larry Page to discuss. Despite Ohanian’s plea and the White House veto threat, the House passed the CISPA bill on Thursday by a vote of 288 to 127. A companion bill is planned for the Senate.

This bill threatens to ignore privacy rights established between web entities and users. 

I know there are a lot of extremely fucked-up and nefarious things going on in America right now but if this bill passes, we are all more fucked. 

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