Style * 3 - SoCal Spring

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(The First Half of) February 2013 - Los Angeles, CA

✱ Spring in SoCal ✱ serpents ✱ flying through the sky ✱ Cannery Row galleries in Redondo ✱ house parties with some dicks ✱ george lois ✱ local 4424 ✱ private property ✱ silk skirts from paris ✱ victory rolls ✱ sushi, sushi, sushi....more sushi ✱ visiting the new YouTube Space LA ✱ meta-hipsters ✱ coffee, coffee, coffee, Covell, & cats ✱ 'supervising' some ADR @ Maker Studios ✱ lounge lizards ✱ shopping indecision 2013 ✱ bougainvillea is coming back ✱ the best pep talk of all time from Per Ostman. ✱ sidewalk talk ✱ street art ✱ scientology + french toast ✱ dingbats @ night ✱ japanese spaghetti in Gardena ✱ ballet all day ✱ the love made me do it ✱ scenes on the streets of silverlake, los feliz, echo park... ✱ 

If you want more love, love more.


Naked in Public * 8

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Hello Muffin Butterers. How are you? I am fine.

I am #nakedinpublic & I have some thoughts for you: 

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Style * 1

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...Mid-January 2013. Los Angeles, CA

⁎ Early hikes ⁎ Farmer's markets ⁎ shopping for beads but buying 10lbs of oranges instead ⁎ rain  ⁎ the ocean ⁎ soup dumplings & jasmine tea ⁎ Stanley Kubrick @ LACMA ⁎ sunsets @ Griffith ⁎  finally deciding to go all the way vegan ⁎ 
classic cars ⁎ getting to 'hangout' with Amber Rae to discuss the Bold Academy ⁎ coffee dates with bassists/mammoths @ Intelligentsia ⁎

Naked in Public * 5 - A Year in Fucking Photos January - June, 2012.

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When you've had a weird year beyond verbal description, your pictures have to speak for themselves.

I started off the year on a cruise ship with a platinum blond bob. I ended the year at a society party in Pasadena with a wild lions mane. There was a measured amount of joy and insanity in the middle. 

So, naturally, here's a special photo edition of #nakedinpublic. 

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