Linklettes * 18 - Elon Musk's Weird Science Edition

by Jessica Brookman in

It's Monday, break something...

Elon Musk via Tesla   

Elon Musk via Tesla


The One: Hyperloop Travel Design

Listen up, darlings. Elon Musk -- self-made billionaire, inventor, and semi-babe -- is announcing his plans for the hyperloop concept. It's being compared to the pneumatic transport tubes that banks use to shuffle around your dirty, dog-eared currency from floor to floor. 

Kidding aside, the importance of this type of invention is that it's not being produced within an existing academic institution.  If you have spent any of your time, as I have, attempting to teach physics to the youth of America, you will understand the value of building without being constrained by institutional regulations. If you have spent any of your time, as i have, planning for world domination, you will appreciate that the design is being published as an open-source license. That is, the future belongs to independent weirdos. 

Incidentally, Mr. Musk is also so busy being good at everything else he does to bother having time to build it himself. Since it is pretty much excruciating for me to date anyone with an IQ under 160, the dating pool is pretty geographically limited these days. I would appreciate if a few of you would figure out how to make this happen sooner rather than later.

And that's really all I can pay attention to this week. Who's on it?