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  • 10 Things Everyone Thinks About the Fashion Industry but no one will say. (via Complex) "Everyone is really mean for absolutely no reason" and "A lot of models are weird looking" are my personal favorites. 
  • Take Your Beauty Regime To 'New Heights'...with marijuana lotion and stuff! #420. #notabeautyblogger.
  • My friend Johanna wrote about her experience with The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin. It's a book that started a huge process of discovery for me and I'm excited for her to start her own! 
  • An interview with very creative pet photographer by Serenah. Nothing like a weiner dog dressed up as a magpie. (via MyModernMet )


  • Little stories about the end of my swimming career, dropping out of med school, and quitting my job to move to california...A.K.A. How I APPLIED (and interviewed and was accepted!) to The Bold Academy via blog post.
  • I wrote about how you should stop fucking procrastinating and FUCKING MAKE SOME DECISIONS. 
  • I talked about becoming a vegan on my tumblr. 
  • Style shots from the weekend.


P.S. the "Kate P Song of the Week" is BBD - Azealia Banks

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