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BEFORE YOU START: Fave Aussie advertising & cultural blog NEXTNESS has a test to tell if the links you're sent are time-wasters: "The fact is, unless someone takes the time to explain either: Why the link is important to them, or Why it should be important to you…it’s probably just ephemera. There’s nothing wrong with ephemera. So long as you’re consuming it consciously – and you’ve got the time to spare."

Husting & Insights:

  • MUST READ: WOMEN NEED TO REALIZE THAT WORK ISN'T SCHOOL from the Harvard Business Review Blog is a blunt reminder that following the rules will only get you so far. My favorite piece of advice - and a conflict I'm sure every female blogger has dealt with at some point is on self-promotion: "Until our culture evolves, as a woman, you'll have to do this within the context of the double-bind." Thank you Whitney Johnson & Tara Mohr. 
  • 10 Reasons Why 2013 Will Be The Year You Quit Your Job: Investor, programmer and fellow Cornell University survivor Jason Altucher's thoughts on why you won't have a job after this year. I am an evangelist of creative employment, entrepreneurialism, and small business and if you're reading this from your cubicle in some shitty satellite section of a major city under fluorescent lights, take heart. It doesn't have to be that way. Remember: GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO THOSE WHO DO THEIR OWN THINGS. 

Sex & Love

  • Much like our culture is biased towards having one full-time job, it's also biased towards coupledom and marriage. And sure, that can be nice, but it seems oppressive to penalize people who choose alternatives. The Atlantic recently ran a piece on THE HIGH PRICE OF BEING SINGLE IN AMERICA: "Over a lifetime, unmarried women can pay as much as a million dollars more than their married counterparts for healthcare, taxes, and more." #WTFSUCKCITY. 

  • LOVE IS BLIND? OKCupid thinks so. They've recently unveiled a new app to help arrange CRAZY BLIND DATES for you. Are you going to try it? Seems like pre-arranging your hit-and-run sexual encounters to me...Ah, convenience. 

Style & Personal

  • Things seem to have gotten pretty dire on the manfront these days. Luckily, VICE put together an absolutely ridiculous A-Z of manhood from William Cody Watson: The Sad-Ass Guide to Being a Man. WIth advice like "just like, don't fart into the refrigerator while your beloved is cooking you dinner," it's basically an extension of typical male culture in that as long as HE thinks he's doing a good job, that's all that matters.

  • Forgive me father, for I have [recycled pitch concepts and outsourced graphic design work to college students]. Do *you* need A CONFESSION BOOTH FOR CREATIVES?

  • I WROTE THIS FOR YOU - one of the most eloquent stories ever created in blog form - is going on haitus: "Remember, you are part of a beautiful story that did not start when you were born.


  • "Pics or It Didn't happen Counts Double in Relationships. Trust me." Plus, I have a bone to pick with Anna Kendrick. Read #NAKEDinPUBLIC
  • Fake Boyfriend Friday - Paul Newman. Sue me. But where have all the cowboys gone? Swoon. 
  • COMING UP: I have a lot more to say about that HBR article and being a female entrepreneur, fake-boyfriends make another appearance, and more gratuitous nudity


P.S. the "Kate P Song of the Week" is Elliott Smith covering John Lennon & The Kinks via AV Club 



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