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LINKLETTES - The week in sexy. 

If You Only Read One Thing: 


I found this via Kat @ Rock n' Roll Bride. Never thought I'd be reading an auto-parts blog for advice but I'm happy I did: 

"If you stop doing anything, especially because you are afraid whatever you do might be wrong somehow, you might as well just pack it in. You can’t be a creative pro without being a risk-taker. So let go of the fear and just do."

Husting & Insights:

  • HATERS GONNA HATE:  Do women get more hate on the internet? The Cut blog at New York Magazine

    “A woman's opinion is the mini-skirt of the internet...Having one and flaunting it is somehow asking an amorphous mass of almost-entirely male keyboard-bashers to tell you how they'd like to rape, kill and urinate on you.”

    I've never been a dude so it's hard to say objectively, but having an opinion and voicing it on the internet as a women has been a little bit of an open invitation for comments about everything from my appearance to my education to my family history...cute. Thoughts? 

Sex & Love

Style, Creative, & Personal

  • YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL: The art movement turns 10 years old. Have you seen these around in your travels? Have you made any?  (via Colossal)

  • BIRD BALLET: Neels Castillon caught this starling mumuration (a.k.a. giant flock of starlings) near Marseille. (via Vimeo Staff Picks)


  • NAKED in PUBLIC * 8: Badly-behaved dudes, Rihanna & Chris Brown @ the Grammy's, Party and Bullshit. 

  • The three-part series HOW TO GET YOUR SHIRT BACK is complete. Sort of. You can read Parts ONE, TWO, and THREE. Thoughts? 

COMING UP: Weekly STYLE* Post (Mon), VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT GUIDES...FOR ASSHOLES (Tues), 50 STUPID DATE IDEAS (Wed), and a HOW TO with some thoughts about women not being awkward (Thurs). 

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So what? I like stop-motion.  Black Books - Favorite Place.