Linklettes * 20 - Corporate Ruins Edition

by Jessica Brookman in

Hello all you Patrick Batemans, Welcome to Monday.

Isaac Cordal - Follow the Ledaer  (via  Colossal )

Isaac Cordal - Follow the Ledaer  (via Colossal)

THE ONE: HOW TO BE A SLAVE (James Altucher).

In case you were wondering when we'd hit the terminal stage of our present brand of capitalism, welcome! 

This month, we have the dubious honor of being on the receiving end of quantitative easing. If you're not sure what this means, go to your dictionary and look up the word 'sodomy' and then imagine Ben Bernanke doing this to you while lighting piles of american currency on fire.

Now. You may be saying "But Jess, the unemployment rate shrank to 7.3% this month. You are correct, genius. However, the unemployment rate considers the number of people actively looking for a job. It does not account for the sheer droves of people who've decided to becomes the Ivy League's preeminent stripper. I mean entertainer. I mean, those who've dropped out of the labor force. 

The labor force participation rate has dropped to the lowest rate since May 1978. I wasn't alive in 1980, but I hear it was a bad time for some of you. So, in case you are wondering whether you should stick it out in that job you hate or start building up your side hustle into something more substantial, now would be a good time. 

But you don't have to believe me. What do i know (I'm just a stripper*, right?) Read James Altucher's post on wage slavery instead.  

THE GAME: Ambitious Women Face More Obstacles Than Just Work Live Balance (Harvard Business Review)

In case it wasn't obvious, I am not the type of woman who apologizes for speaking every time I open my mouth. This can be a problem if you're working in an environment dedicated to artificial hierarchies (and/or inefficiency and obedience-relationships to compensate for other, more visceral inefficiencies, but I digress). 

This article is a brief overview of some of the peripheral factors beyond work-life balance that women face. What I do not understand is that, given how admittedly terrible it is for most women, why they continue to subject (or shall I say "submit") themselves to it in the first place? Read it and weep

THE #LONGREAD: The Life & Times of a Remarkable Misfit (AJ Leon)

You may consider AJ Leon my older internet-brother. He's *also* a finance dropout currently on a trip around the world talking about being a self-employed, world-changing misfit. This is his manifesto. It is ~60 pages but full of graphics and quotes. You might find something that you like. 

THE ART: Follow the Leaders: A Corporate City in Ruins by Isaac Cordal (Colossal)

It's only an artistic metaphor until it happens. Who's been to Detroit lately? Anyone? Didn't think so. You can visit Isaac's website here

THE SOUND: Nine Inch Nails - Come Back Haunted

Trent Reznor, singing about killing himself. You know. For balance.  


Happy Monday, 

* PS - I'm not a stripper. I'm just a really good dancer.