How to Quit Everything

by Jessica Brookman in ,

FACT: What you do with your life matters. The world needs you to quit everything that doesn't make sense until you are somewhere that you don't want to leave. 

This is a story about why I am retiring from social media. Kinda.

 It is also a story about hedge funds, blogging, and being an unreasonable bastard (even if you're a woman, especially if you're a woman). Also, Bobcat Goldthwait makes an appearance. 

There's a chance I may be black-bagged for writing this. Here we go! 

xo. Jessa.

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Naked in Public * 5 - A Year in Fucking Photos January - June, 2012.

by Jessica Brookman in

When you've had a weird year beyond verbal description, your pictures have to speak for themselves.

I started off the year on a cruise ship with a platinum blond bob. I ended the year at a society party in Pasadena with a wild lions mane. There was a measured amount of joy and insanity in the middle. 

So, naturally, here's a special photo edition of #nakedinpublic. 

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