How to Be in Control

by Jessica Brookman in

FACT: The only thing you'll ever be able to control is your own mind. Better get on that...

I was kneeling on a brick sidewalk. I was covered in tea.

"Open your eyes. Stand up."

Nope. Not happening.

"This is taking. for. ever."

My vision flickered on and I caught a snapshot of onlookers. I felt energy move through my core like I was inside of a wave. My body listed downward, onto the ground. 


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How to Bustle

by Jessica Brookman in

FACT: You can't change something from inside of it. 

Let me take a moment to acknowledge that, yes, Bryan Goldberg’s original press release for his new site Bustle reads like the over-excited presentation for my 8th grade science fair project. But what’s frustrating about that is that you can apparently graduate from a semi-respectable American university without the ability to write whatsoever. He’s recently issued a clarification on PandoDaily where he plays up the work he’s done and apologizes for coming off as pandering. But that’s not the point.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But Bryan Goldberg has already won. He’s already funded and now he’s got our attention.

Some thoughts on funding of Bustle on medium


How to Know You're Not a Hustler

by Jessica Brookman in ,

FACT: Most people have no fucking clue what it takes to make their own way. Here's how to know you're doing it wrong. 

To make my excruciating encounters and experiences into productive ones, I've turned them into a handy field guide for you. 

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