Naked in Public * 17

by Jessica Brookman in

  • The grandest delusion that we tolerate right now is that anything came into existence by virtue of complete chaos, that it hasn't been constructed.
  • Unconscious desires manifest consciously as a drive, a will for something, motive for some act.
  • To influence that which is not risen to consciousness.s an effective form of behavioral control. This works on an individual and collective basis.
  • Almost no one likes to be told what to do, therefore...
  • It is in the best interest of those in power to seek influence of the subconscious desires of people so that their behavior, and the motives for it, will be predictable...
  • Ordered.
  • Those less effected and so not easily manipulable will eventually veer from norms enough to notice or become noticeable. 
  • They may be cast as outsiders where they will remain unless they can counter-influence by virtue of the same mechanisms. 
  • If they seek approval, they will die by it. If they require -- by virtue of  nature or experience -- no validation, they have a chance at survival. 
  • And so, timing is everything.

Think about it.