On Victims, Saints, and Venture Capital.

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FACT: Your attention is currency. Don't get leveraged up on bullshit.  

"I want to build a tool that captures content sentiment and filters accordingly from my  feed."
"You aren't going to like this...but edgy cynics don't get gigs."

I was heeding this advice from a strategist friend after getting into a brief twitter conversation with Anil Dash regarding his article on the Pax Dickinson / Business Insider blow-up....


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Naked in Public * 14 - A Compromised Asset

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  • These days, the only thing I have a fetish for is time. 
  • Oh...And silk.  
  • It's summer; it's crazy. I know. But, 
  • Insane is a term that can only be applied relativisticallyA genius once said that the definition lies not in the behavior itself, but the repetition of the behavior applied with differing expectations. 
  • Well, Sir, I've learned my lessonDry cleaning is expensive.But,
  • Provacateur is a dirty word. And, 
  • Steganography is an art, not a science.  So,
  •  If you insist on keeping secrets, I will insist on being kept.