Clash the Truth - An April Mixtape

by Jessica Brookman in

Think about Boston. Think about identity. Hear a song on NPR for the first time that reminds you of both New York and Los Angeles. Write. Get hooked up with tickets to show the following night in Austin. Think "life is weird. Life everywhere is more or less the same." Get a little sad about that. Then a little happy. 

All because of a stupid purple pickup truck in Austin, TX...
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How to Quit Everything

by Jessica Brookman in ,

FACT: What you do with your life matters. The world needs you to quit everything that doesn't make sense until you are somewhere that you don't want to leave. 

This is a story about why I am retiring from social media. Kinda.

 It is also a story about hedge funds, blogging, and being an unreasonable bastard (even if you're a woman, especially if you're a woman). Also, Bobcat Goldthwait makes an appearance. 

There's a chance I may be black-bagged for writing this. Here we go! 

xo. Jessa.

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