a.k.a. whatthefuckareyoutalkingabout ? 

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NOT * OTHERWISE is a HOW-TO Guide to a life at the cultural fringe. The major areas of preoccupation are POWER and the PSYCHE in all of their manifestations. 

  1. FACTS  -  It's just like reading Aesop's fables, but for sexual and/or social deviants, capitalist motherfuckers, and/or anyone who's ever been told they need an...attitude adjustment.
  2. LiNKLETTES - The best link of the week in five categories. 
  3. SUNDAY SHORT - Poetic controversy in two-minutes or less. 
  4. NAKED IN PUBLIC - Sometimes the truth hides in plain sight, but I am #nakedinpublic. 
  5. SPECIAL FEATURES - Interviews, essays, stories. 

You can also find me on iNSTAGRAM. To arrange to speak with me get in touch with me via EMAiL. I also have a TWiTTER. Bye for now.