Naked in Public * 2

by Jessica Brookman in ,

I'm #nakedinpublic.

Here are some casual observations for you:

  1. Well, my dear, if you'd like to post about your bush on facebook, you can. Just be prepared for people to talk about your bush. On facebook.

  2. Hey, also, if you're confused about whether or not to do something, you should meditate on it. Then go do something else for a while.

    The answer will probably come to you the second you have NOTHING CONVENIENT WITH WHICH TO WRITE DOWN YOUR IDEA. Hope you've been taking your B-vitamins, asshole.

  3. If you cannot meditate, it's probably just because you missed taking your adderall and/or you took too much adderall and/or you can't remember which of those two things actually applies to you.

    Either way, step away from the orange bottle and  go run around outside

  4. YES, you DO need to go post about your bush right now. I'll be here when you're done. 

  5. OK then. Speaking of ADHD, no matter how many times you *almost* set your apartment on fire, as long as it's *almost,* you're doing ok! 

  6. Are you doing ok? If you aren't, it's ok. But you probably shouldn't talk it out underneath my window at 3a.m. The windows are kinda thin and shit. 

    Oh, and, sorry your boyfriends gay, by the way Bummer. #silverlake.

  7. Go to a bar and have a drink by yourself. This is the cure for everything except being too drunk. Start conversations with randoms. You'll either meet someone with a story OR you'll meet a total nutjob/asshole and need to return home immediately.

    Either way, good for your writing. 

  8. By the way, you're not  *writer,* are you?? 

  9. Speaking of which, if David Duchovy walks into a coffee shop, WHOA! I recommend that you eye-fuck him and just see where it goes.

    It's not like you're getting anything done, anyway. 

  10. No, WAIT. Don't *actually* have sex with David Duchovy. Jesus. 

  11. Say YES more often.* 

The image above is by Meagan CIgnoli. She makes beautiful images, no? She's on instagram, too @meagancignoli.  

*Except to David Duchovy. I mean, he's a sex ADDICT for crying out loud. Oh yeah? Fine. OK. Suit yourself.