Naked in Public * 4 - New Years Eve Edition

by Jessica Brookman in

2012 was....festive. 

To the heavens, babe.

Yes, that's one word for it. Yes, well, anyway...

It's New Years and I'm #nakedinpublic. I resolve that:

  • Fear is for assholes. I will not be an asshole:
    Whenever I am afraid to do something, that is the thing I MUST do. Making decisions based on protecting myself from something I'm afraid of has never resulted in ANYTHING positive for me. It would be insane to keep doing this. I am giving it up. Instead...

  • I will bridge the Gap. I will not postpone my decisions. I will not wait. 
    When presented with a choice in what to do, I vow to take options that moves me closer to a goal or desired state of being, not further away...even if it's terrifying, difficult, or temporarily painful.   

  • I choose continuous minimalism. 
    To live in the present moment and facilitate the above resolutions, I will let go of the shit that doesn't enrich my path in life. This goes for people, habits, things. I will err on the side of simplicity. After all, "Nothing good gets away.

Life is a continuous experience. So, what are your resolutions? 

Wishing everyone an exceptional New Year in 2013!