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LINKLETTES - The week in sexy. 

From   Shoulders   . Fabio Sabatini. 

From Shoulders . Fabio Sabatini. 

If You Only Read One Thing: 

SHOOTER BOYS AND AT-RISK GIRLS. The writing on vice lately has a good argument for nepotism lately....but then Molly Crabapple goes and rectifies the situation with one of the best accounts of growing up in contemporary America I've read this side of Gen-Y : 

All the strictures of childhood prevented me from becoming what I wanted to become.

If you ever felt like an outsider or an old soul, read this one. We know schools need help...but do we need to redefine childhood, too?

Husting & Insights:

  • Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg on gender stereotypes in Davos: "As a woman becomes more successful, she is less liked, and as a man becomes more successful, he is more liked." 

    Ladies with real jobs, do you feel like this is true?
    I've definitely experienced this and it's part of the reason I left the corporate world...

  • For you creative jerks:  “Success is a pile of shit somebody stacked up real high. It means nothing.” Dear Sugar's Cheryl Strayed talks about HOW TO WRITE LIKE A MOTHERF#^@%*&. 

  • YOUR LIFESTYLE HAS ALREADY BEEN DESIGNEDRead this if you've ever wondered why you do the things you do. (via Thought Catalog)

Sex & Love

    DATA: A LOVE STORYAmy Webb hacked online dating data to find love. Kind of depressing that it essentially takes sophisticated quantum-mechanics to find anyone worthwhile online. (via Brain Pickings)

Style, Creative, & Personal

  • The header and photos above are from self-taught photographer, Fabio Sabatini. The set Shoulders follows --literally-- his wife Alessandra on their travels around the world. I wish someone would write me a love letter like that, sometimes. (via MyModernMet)


COMING UP: NAKED in PUBLIC, Part 3 of "HOW TO GET YOUR SHIRT BACK"...and maybe a little A'ing of your email / tumblr Qs. You can ask anonymously, which is handy if you've got an itch, you need me to scratch...


PS, The lead singer of Green or Blue has a sexual voice. You can watch them play Something You Can't See on le YouTube. #yayinternet: 

Some Damien Jurado - NOTHING IS THE NEWS for burning the midnight oil...

Also, some Little Dragon - NEVER NEVER just for good measure.