Top 10 SuperBowl Ads Decoded - 2013

by Jessica Brookman in

I work in marketing. And I am a cynical jerk. So I'm going to decode my favorite ads from the Superbowl in twitter-sized chunks for you. 

10. Kia - Sorento:

"America hates talking about sex. You can avoid talking about sex with your kids in our cars."

9. Lincoln:

"We may have a new design team but we've got the same old  prescription for Viagra." 

8. Mercedes Benz: 

"This isn't the first time Willem Defoe has played the devil. But we can assure you that it IS the least gratifying for him.  "

7. Samsung Mobile USA: 

"We spent more on this commercial than we have on product development in the last 3 years."

6. Audi

"We went with #BraveryWins: Because '#Trade-offs: Your kid will think you're cool. Then he'll get punched in the face." was a little on the nose. 

5. VW:

"We're not grown-up sexy like Audi because we haven't had kids. (P.S. it's because we're impotent)."

4. Hyundai:

"#PickYourTeam: Nerds will have their revenge. Mom will drive."

3. Bud Black Crown:

"For a price, sexy people will pretend to drink swill beer. We have paid that price." 

2. GoDaddy:

"Our Ad team wanted to see if there was a way to make you want to throw up while looking at Bar Rafaeli. We believe we have found that way."

1. Finally. BECKS:

WTF, right? SAPPHIRE hops? Mmmm. I'll let this SOS I received from their agency's copywriters speak for itself: 'SEND HELP! Our art director is colorblind and we are trapped in 1997.' 

That is all. So you tell me:

What was the most absurd superbowl ad in your book?