A Heart is What a Heart Is - A Mix Tape for July

by Jessica Brookman in

It's summer time and it's swim or sink.  

Over the past few months, I've been shedding skin again. Being a reclusive, self-contained workaholic is hard on a girl's social life. But I digress...

To start, I left LAI moved back across the country for the summer to work in Cambridge, to be in close proximity to a group of guerillas with robust skills and keen go-fuck-yourselves sensibilities. 

Moving right along, "regular" posting will resume in this space now that I've landed. Here's a mixtape for July in honor of the facts that the golden warmth is rapidly draining from my olive complexion and I have not had a single good hair day since arriving back on the East Coast.

But, you know, it's ok because I never leave my lab anyway. At least it can sound like summer in here. 

With love and breathtaking stubbornness,