How to Be in Love in Los Angeles

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Hey assholes, remember when Tennyson wrote that it was better to have loved and crashed and burned than to have been a pussy all along alone in your studio apartment? I might have paraphrased some of that. For that, I am sorry. But I refuse ​to apologize for the sentiment. 

A few days ago, I was trolling YouTube for some audiovisual inspiration and I stumbled on this short film produced by Oliver Peoples set to Brindo by Devendra Banhart. It served its purpose, but as I realized where it was filmed -- John Lautner's Rainbow House in Nichols Canyon -- it also triggered a surge of nostalgia. Or oxytocin. 

As the first in two etymology lessons today, the word brindo is spanish for toast, as in the kind you make with champagne. The following is a story about living in Los Angeles. It is a story about french new wave film, mid-century modern architecture, and the hollywood hills. It's a story about the warm, golden light of long afternoons. 

Needless to say, it's also a story about love.​ 

xoxo, Jessa

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How to Break Up With the Non-Boyfriend Part 2

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FACT: Great sex is addictive like heroine. But it's not enough to keep me high.  

So, riddle me this, internets:

Is it actually fucking unreasonable to expect dating to be anything short of melodramatic in a town full of drama queens?! 

Maybe it's time for 12 steps...

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The WORST Valentine's Day Gift Guide Ever - Ladies

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Let's face it: Love/Hate is in the air this time of year.

You're either getting excited to be all romantical with someone or you're complaining because Valentine's Day is the worst fucking holiday ever dreamed up by marketing agencies. 

Even if you're totally not a consumer whore (you swear!), Valentine's day, much like Christmas, you probably have some jerks and/or chicks that you need to buy gifts for. Luckily, I am here to save your ass in these trying times, yet again. You are welcome. 

Here are the WORST gift ideas EVER for your special lady friend. 

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