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Late January, The South Bay, Los Angeles, CA

LA was cold for a day or two ⁎ a week at the beach ⁎ surfers ⁎ my eyebrows hurt ⁎ walking dogs ⁎ hiking with dogs ⁎ brunch in a barn. kinda ⁎ blow-ups & kiss-a-ginger day  ⁎ telescopes ⁎ ice crystals before it got hot again ⁎ pay-to-play ⁎ Banksy-esque #ootd ⁎ Dublin is a corgi ⁎ flower shops ⁎ austin healeys in mint condition ⁎ throw back thursdays from The North Shore of Oahu ⁎ i need a haircut ⁎ we're yawny at the apocalypse. 

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LINKLETTES is a weekly roundup of what is sexy.

If you only read one thing here: DO IT MOTHERFUCKER DOT COM.

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...Mid-January 2013. Los Angeles, CA

⁎ Early hikes ⁎ Farmer's markets ⁎ shopping for beads but buying 10lbs of oranges instead ⁎ rain  ⁎ the ocean ⁎ soup dumplings & jasmine tea ⁎ Stanley Kubrick @ LACMA ⁎ sunsets @ Griffith ⁎  finally deciding to go all the way vegan ⁎ 
classic cars ⁎ getting to 'hangout' with Amber Rae to discuss the Bold Academy ⁎ coffee dates with bassists/mammoths @ Intelligentsia ⁎