Sunday Short - Sydney Leathers

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FACT: We are all adults here. 

And, as such, agreements made between adults should be kept between those adults. You don't like the terms? Don't participate in the deal. Walk away from the table at any time. 

Reconsider your business model.

But whatever you do just shut the fuck up. The media is hungry. And you are the junk food. They feast on the indiscrete, the pathological liars. You're an offering to the legion of people looking to discharge their own shame on someone else in the comment section of [whatever fucking blog]. 

You are a sacrifice; a temporary distraction from others' personal failures. Don't wave yours around like a badge of honor. 

Collateral damage is for children. 



Style * 3 - SoCal Spring

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(The First Half of) February 2013 - Los Angeles, CA

✱ Spring in SoCal ✱ serpents ✱ flying through the sky ✱ Cannery Row galleries in Redondo ✱ house parties with some dicks ✱ george lois ✱ local 4424 ✱ private property ✱ silk skirts from paris ✱ victory rolls ✱ sushi, sushi, sushi....more sushi ✱ visiting the new YouTube Space LA ✱ meta-hipsters ✱ coffee, coffee, coffee, Covell, & cats ✱ 'supervising' some ADR @ Maker Studios ✱ lounge lizards ✱ shopping indecision 2013 ✱ bougainvillea is coming back ✱ the best pep talk of all time from Per Ostman. ✱ sidewalk talk ✱ street art ✱ scientology + french toast ✱ dingbats @ night ✱ japanese spaghetti in Gardena ✱ ballet all day ✱ the love made me do it ✱ scenes on the streets of silverlake, los feliz, echo park... ✱ 

If you want more love, love more.


How to Finally (Sorta) Get Your Favorite Shirt Back

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FACT: If you think it's a bad idea, that's because it is. But you're gonna do it anyway.

At least you'll have a shirt to wear when you're done. 

Yo, guys and dolls, I am a fuck up. But, as Stegan Sagmeister said, TRYING TO LOOK GOOD LIMITS MY LIFE. 

Accordingly, here is Part 3 of my series HOW TO GET YOUR FAVORITE SHIRT BACK. 

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How to Be an Escort (Part 2)

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FACT: I have more to say about escorts.

First, I'll apologize to my Catholic mother. If she knew how to use a computer, these pieces might really have offended her....

Anyway, I got a thought-provoking comment on my article HOW TO BE AN ESCORT and I have to address it. Again, the first article I wrote was a response to a New York Observer Article and a response by Leandra Medine @ Man Repeller

There are a few points in the comment, specifically with regard to my use of marriage as a basis for comparison.

Here we go...

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