How to Be an Escort (Part 2)

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FACT: I have more to say about escorts.

First, I'll apologize to my Catholic mother. If she knew how to use a computer, these pieces might really have offended her....

Anyway, I got a thought-provoking comment on my article HOW TO BE AN ESCORT and I have to address it. Again, the first article I wrote was a response to a New York Observer Article and a response by Leandra Medine @ Man Repeller

There are a few points in the comment, specifically with regard to my use of marriage as a basis for comparison.

Here we go...

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Linklettes * 6

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LINKLETTES - The week in sexy. 

NOTE: Now on Mondays to help turn brains (mine included) back on every week...

THIS WEEKS MUST READ: THE LUXURY RENTAL GIRLFRIENDThe New York Observer published an article on escorts (and otherwise non-wife-in-training providers of the GFE). Whoa. Thoughts? 

Plus, more talk about prostitutes and psychoturbulent trippy videos inside...

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