How to Give A Fuck

by Jessica Brookman in ,


When you read this, you will feel...something.

(Told you.)

I've taken the pages of that Book of Says Sos and the scrolls of akashic files

And, I've rolled them into 936 joints. 

I am smoking them all right now.

 That's not allowed? 

Oh. Well, shit, listen...

I simply do not give a fuck.




Try me.

I won't be the hammer that drives the nails into a waiting coffin.

So I carry only the tools I need to get from one moment to the next.

I can always find them. This has never failed.

(Except for that one chemistry exam freshman year. FFFFFFFFF.)

I refuse your appraisals, anyway.

I pass between these moments like I am flying on a trapeze strung on the stars. 

Because I am a motherfucker. 




You don't know that trick? Well.

The thing is....

I've never actually tried, but...

...Where is that rope ladder? I'm going up.

I defy death and

I simply give no fucks.




I want to come.

From the friction of 6.022 x 10 ^23 grains of sand passing through this hourglass.

(That's Avogadro's number...)

"Great. She's being dramatic again. Here we go...."

No, actually....It's physics. 

 Does science make you uncomfortable? 


Then we've begun. 

I am here to bend, bow, and loop the space-time continuum. 

When I leave, it will be on the last breath of a dying constellation that

For a single moment, looked just like me.  

I do this so that, when I die, they will say, "The stars were shining."

Because, I am a motherfucker. 




So, if you read this

And you do not feel the physics moving the moments of your life and of mine, then stop right now!

This is not for you. 

 I did not come here to make you comfortable. 

I came here with a poem for a new world.

And if you do not like poetry,

I do not give a fuck. 

P.S. #fuckautocorrect.

How to Be Not Otherwise

by Jessica Brookman in ,

FACT: You can have any lifestyle you want if you can bear the cost of what it takes to get there.

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On (No Longer) Being a One-Woman Show

by Jessica Brookman in

FACT: When your project ideas get big enough, you can't do everything alone. Make friends. 

Here's a thing, I have a team of people who love and support me. Thank the universe, they also hold me accountable and forgive me when I act like the love child of Charles Bukowski and Joan Rivers (I wish): 

True. I haven't written this week. At least, not here. Sometimes, despite being a brutal insomniac, the days slip away from me. 

Since I decided to focus on my creative projects this year, I've had to get brutally honest about how I spend my time. In addition to this blog, I do freelance social media & creative consulting. I'm also developing a series for which the research is...viscerally intense, let's say. 

I've been a one-woman show for a while; and I prided myself on building web properties up single-handedly or in small teams. It was an education, for sure. Then there's, you know, all of the parts of life that don't end up on the blog.

Plus, a girl needs a little bit of free time to relax and indulge in some of California's finest agricultural products, if you get me. 

 So, what I'm saying is, I've been burning the candle at both ends. I am exhausted.

But I am still on a mission. And, LUCKILY ( !!! ) since my post about advertising and monetizing content as well as my personal mission statement "The First Draft of Anything is Shit,a few lovely people have crawled out of the digital woodwork to offer me advice and/or development assistance. I'm happy to be offloading some of the behind-the-scenes work here so I can take a nap shortly. 

So what will be happening here?

  • The content will still be written and edited by me (and guests).
  • The content will (still) be independent of marketing objective. 
  • The site itself is getting a minor facelift and better organization. 

In terms of content and mission, I'm most interested in researching and opening dialogues about human sexuality, love, and how these things transform our lives. 

But once in a while creative block still hits. What's a girl to do? Ask her friends for topics: 


OK. Maybe not. Back to real, actual writing. More soon...



The First Draft of Anything is Shit.

by Jessica Brookman in ,

I'm comimg out of the closet. My name is Jessica Brookman. i am a writer. 

And it's a good thing, too. Because, in the words of Anne Lamott, other than writing, I am completely unemployable

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