How to Start

by Jessica Brookman in ,

It's been 25 minutes. I checked the stop watch I set to countdown from an hour. Already 25 minutes have passed and I'm looking at a page with even fewer words that I have left on the clock.

I'm out of practice. It's been nearly one year since I've written anything for myself that wasn't on a cocktail napkin, receipt, a google chat window.

But still. This is a start. I'll count it. 

So what is  N O T * O T H E R W I S E? 

In short, N*O is a series of comical "How To's" on life, love, sex, culture, non-culture, art, design, career, and unapologetic personal style.*

rodarte cocktail dress and tons of books

You remake yourself as you grow and as the world changes. Your identity doesn’t get found. It emerges.
— Reid Hoffman

I've been a blogger since 2010 but I've been writing my entire life. When I started my first blog, One Girl No Diet, I was glib on the prospects of writing professionally (as one should be), so it started as an outlet after a short-lived stint in medical school and while working as an editor and content producer in New York City.

I had a great time writing that blog. By the time I closed OGND down, I had:

I was building vibrantvocal, and progressive community there. I was extremely proud to be a part of it. 

But I felt topically limited.

I had also used my blog to help launch a consulting career in media and business development. I spent 2012 "focusing" on that. But something was missing. 

The time since April 2011 has been a crash-course in love, courage and belief in myself...not without some tough love, danger, and loss along the way. I want to share that -- not just the story, but the feeling of taking control of your life and your destiny, one ridiculous and/or fucked-up story at a time. 

I need to have these adventures. I need to write about them. Let's go.

- @jessicabrookman

* I apologize in advance, but there will also be pictures of Ruby, my 6-lb siamese kitten.