Linklettes * 9

by Jessica Brookman

LINKLETTES - The week in sexy. 

If you only WATCH one thing, click play! This is the 2013 State of Social Media. 

Personally, what makes social media so powerful is its ability to distribute information and disintegrate traditional barriers between people. For instance:  

  • I get most of my the news VIA twitter, these days as its happening. 
  • Almost 100% of the work I've gotten in the past year was VIA TWITTER (not just "social media" in general) and it's an angle I continue to work. hard. 
  • After a rapid learning curve on  YouTube while working with Big Frame, I've seen this in action: YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine on the planet.

The takeaway, social media is only a time-suck if you use it that way...Cool. Moving on.

Husting & Insights:

  • DEFINE YOUR MOMENTS OR THEY WILL DEFINE YOU: AJ Leon over @ Pursuit of Everything wrote this fucking outstanding piece on the eve of his 30th birthday and a trip that will take him to 87 countries over the next 3 years. Um, can you say 'adventure of a lifetime'? If you've ever felt like you were destined for extraordinary things but were afraid to step off the ledge, read this:

    As a fellow trigger-puller, I can't wait to run into Aj somewhere in the world, I believe we have things to discuss...
    I could just see the thirteen-year-old version of myself looking at me shaking his head, “This is it. We only have one life, and this is what you’re doing with it?!”If I didn’t leave, if I didn’t walk away right at that moment, I was going to be that dude for the rest of my life.

Sex & Love

Style, Creative, & Personal 

  • ON NOT BEING DEAD: One of the most touching accounts of beauty in simplicity. It's from November, but I've just stumbled on it and it's worth a read (or even a re-read):

    "What is the opposite of a perfect storm? That is what this was, one of those rare moments when the world seems to shed all shyness and display every possible permutation of beauty. Oliver said it well as we took up our plates and began heading back downstairs: “I’m glad I’m not dead.”

  • CAPTURING ROMANTIC MOMENTS IN PARISNot a secret that I love My Modern Met. I figured since it was just Valentine's Day and I was a requisite amount of jaded and asshole-y about it, that I'd rebalance by linking to this set that Kate posted from photojournalist Peter Turnley.

    Who doesn't (deep down) love love? Not me, jerks, not me. 


    • I wrote THE WORST EVER Valentine's Day Gift Guides for DUDES and LADIES. Even though V-Day has comem and gone, there are no non-sarcastic suggestions on those lists. And, sarcasm is perennial, so go read them. 

    • In case you're still confused (like I am), here's HOW TO BREAK UP WITH THE NON-BOYFRIEND PT. 2. 

    Did you know you can email / tumblr Qs? You can ask anonymously if that's your jam. If you've already asked something, I am 100% writing responses riiiiiight now. Promise!


    Now, the musics: 

    This is groovy:

    And Kurt Vile Sounds like Pavement and Beck had a baby