Sunday Short - Sydney Leathers

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FACT: We are all adults here. 

And, as such, agreements made between adults should be kept between those adults. You don't like the terms? Don't participate in the deal. Walk away from the table at any time. 

Reconsider your business model.

But whatever you do just shut the fuck up. The media is hungry. And you are the junk food. They feast on the indiscrete, the pathological liars. You're an offering to the legion of people looking to discharge their own shame on someone else in the comment section of [whatever fucking blog]. 

You are a sacrifice; a temporary distraction from others' personal failures. Don't wave yours around like a badge of honor. 

Collateral damage is for children. 



Naked in Public * 14 - A Compromised Asset

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  • These days, the only thing I have a fetish for is time. 
  • Oh...And silk.  
  • It's summer; it's crazy. I know. But, 
  • Insane is a term that can only be applied relativisticallyA genius once said that the definition lies not in the behavior itself, but the repetition of the behavior applied with differing expectations. 
  • Well, Sir, I've learned my lessonDry cleaning is expensive.But,
  • Provacateur is a dirty word. And, 
  • Steganography is an art, not a science.  So,
  •  If you insist on keeping secrets, I will insist on being kept. 



How to Say Yes

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​It was all quiet blue light. It seeped  through the slit of my eyelids. the birds were silent. My panties bound my ankles. 

This is a story about yes.

(*Warning: This article contains some sexual imagery and references to rape culture. Do not read if you are easily triggered by these topics.)​

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